WWJT (What Would Jesus Tweet)?

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I like to begin each day with a quote.  Not every day, but most days.  I try to find a quote online and then post it to several social media sites for all to ponder, enjoy, and if they want, share with others.  So, the other day I found a quote from Chris Cornell, a now-deceased singer/musician from the band Stone Temple Pilots.  His quote was something along the lines of “What would Jesus tweet if He were here now?”  ‘Has anyone seen Judas?  He was here just a minute ago.’  I posted it and got a pretty good reaction from most people, who gave it smiles, thumbs-up and comments.

That got me thinking. And for me that usually spells trouble.  Once I start thinking about something I can’t turn it off.  A thought gets in my head and it’s like a pitbull clamping down on a bone.  There’s simply no way it’s going to give up and let go. It hangs on and on and on until something must be done about it.  So, as this idea percolated in my brain for several days, random thoughts would pop up about Jesus and what He might “tweet” if He were alive today.  The “What Would Jesus Tweet?” (WWJT?) thoughts then started crossing from twitter into other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Things were just popping into my head faster than I could write them down.  Thoughts like, if Jesus were alive today what would his LinkedIn profile look like?  I imagine it might read something like this:

  • Messiah, Prophet, and Son of God, has extensive experience in carpentry, and general contracting (negotiating bids, securing supplies, and project supervision from start to completion).  Helped build amphitheater for King Herod; supervised team of 12 (followers), anointed hundreds, cured thousands.  Conducted presentations to large audiences and key influencers, leading to greater engagement and significant increases in “likes,” “shares,” and measurable conversion rates.  Ability to work vertically and cross-funtionally.  Currently working in the Kindom of Heaven (C-suite level) on the right hand of the CEO, supervising Peter as he onboards millions annually.
  • Hobbies:  wine-making, walking on water, dining out/breaking bread. #NapaValley#winery#wonderbread

From LinkedIn I jumped back to WWJT (What Would Jesus Tweet) and the following potential tweets popped into my head:

  • “Nazareth is really nice but there’s not enough Christians.”  #NicePlaceToVisitBut.
  • “It’s really dark now, but only three more days to go and I’m outta here!” #LetThereBeLight#SayNoToSperlunking

And how about Facebook?  Would his “About” section have things like, “In a relationship with Mary Magdelene?  Leader of many, follower of Me?”  Would he have 2.3 billion friends (current # of followers of Christianity)?  Would he “unfriend”  Judas and Pontius Pilate?  Or, in the spirit of forgiveness, would he say something like, “Hey Judas, the things we do for money, huh?”  Or, “Yo, Pontius, I thought you nailed it for a minute there, but I guess my Dad had other ideas and resurrected my original plan.”

And what pages or groups would Jesus “like” or “follow”…?   Christianity: founded in 27 A.D.,  United Brotherhood of Carpenters, Knights of Columbus, Freemason’s Society, and Jews for Jesus?  And what might he “message” to other historical figures like Hitler?  “Hey, bro, I had a little problem with the Jews too, but you man… really? I MEAN REALLY?”  Or how about Robert Oppenheimer?  “Dude, I thought the Manhattan Project was the name of a band!  What were you thinking when you split that atom?  That was like, really nasty!”  Would he be bullied online because of rumors that he’s now “frenemies” with Mohammed?

Would he be hounded by social media marketers, deluging him with free products and sliver coins because he’s a Key Influencer and they want him to tweet about them?  Would he wake up each day and check his social media accounts to see if he’s had more “likes” and “followers?”  Would he pay to boost his posts and include more hashtags to increase his visibility and status?  And would he google himself all day, every day, and click on his name to increase his SEO?

These are the the thoughts that cycle through my brain, causing me to write this blog.  If I didn’t share these thoughts with others my head would literally explode.  With that said, please, bible thumpers, do not vilify me as I cannot control what pops into my head, just as you cannot control your urge to knock on doors, unsolicited, to spread your word just as I have spread my words on this page.

Next up for Passover…   “Follow Me Guys, Trust Me, I know the Way…” WWMT (What Would Moses Tweet)?