Social Media: The Jury is In, Video is Guilty as Charged

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You’d have to be living on a different planet if you haven’t already heard or figured out for yourself, the important role that video plays in social media marketing efforts.  Yes, the experts have spoken and all agree that given the short attention span, and the need for instant gratification (especially visually) of the fast-moving, time-strapped society we now live in, it’s essential to make video priority numero uno if marketers expect any kind of interaction between their brand and it’s target audience.  But what you may not know is that these same experts are now placing a very high premium on super HIGH-QUALITY video as potential viewers become more discerning about who or what they will “click” on and watch.

Yes, the days of the “down and dirty” cell phone cam and/or low budget “wanna make it look viral” videos are gone!  Viewers want more bang for their, well, I can’t say “buck” but you know what I mean.  Earlier this week I posted an article that appeared in Variety about Jeffrey Katzenberg’s (the “K” of DreamWorks SKG) new start up (New TV), which will take aim at the 18-34 demo with high-end, short-form (10 minutes or less) videos that will employ the use of major film studios and talent (both behind — and in front of — the camera) to win the hearts and minds of that coveted chunk of the population.

Key word here being: high-end, because making videos for videos’ sake is simply just not going to cut it anymore.  So, to stay in play, many clients and their marcomms may have to start putting those “sharpened” pencils away in favor of the dull ones they’ll need for developing bigger budgets to compete in a much bigger game.  For more reading check out this great article: