Yo! Life! Stop Interrupting My Dreams!

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I sometimes have trouble sleeping.  Not just the “trying to fall asleep, and winding up tossing and turning for hours type of sleep trouble,” but the kind of trouble where I go to sleep easily and then wake up, unexpectedly, without warning, and entirely too early,.  Like tonight, for example; I fell asleep after a very long, physically, and mentally demanding day during which I moved from Northern New Jersey to the Shore area.  I went to sleep exhausted at around 11 pm and just woke up (it’s about 2 am.)  The worst part about it is that I didn’t feel like trying to go back to sleep, so I brewed coffee instead; had a smoke and a cup of coffee and I’m now writing this.

Right before I woke up I was having a really vivid dream in which I was in Central Park (it’s a really big park in NYC in case you’re not from around here) hanging out with a whole bunch of people from way back in my past that, of course, because it’s only a dream, had no business all being in the same place with me at the same time.  You know what I mean?  Friends from childhood mixing it up with friends from your late 20’s and early 30’s?  People you knew from different geographic locations all gathered together in one place — in this case, Central Park?

I even remember saying to some of the friends in my dream, “What are you doing hanging out in ‘the park’… I never thought I’d see you in the city hanging out in ‘the park’?”  So there in my dream, were two friends from 20+ years ago;  George (Jorge) and his wife, Marla, who owned (and still own) a great restaurant in Forest Hills, Queens.  Since it was my dream and I’m the one awake right now at 2 O’Clock in the morning, drinking coffee, I feel I’ve earned the right to plug their restaurant for them:  it’s called “The Five Burro Cafe” and has the best margaritas and Mexican food in all of the “Five Boroughs.”  Get the idea for the restaurant’s name now?  Oh, and while I’m at it I might as well give those who are not from New York (and many who are) a free and unsolicited lesson in geography:  The Five Boros (sometimes NY’ers don’t use the “o-u-g-h” part, we just call them “boros,”) consist of the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhattan).  Which reminds me of another thing that bothers me…. why do the powers that be always feel the need to rename stuff that used to have “boro”  in their names?  Like the Triborough/boro Bridge is now the RFK bridge.  The Interboro  Expressway changed decades ago to the “Jackie Robinson Expressway” and the “Westside Highway,”  has some parts that are called “Joe DiMaggio Highway” and other parts that are called the “Henry Hudson Parkway.”  What’s next?  Are they gonna change the “FDR Drive” to the “Trump Thruway?”   Or the “Major Deegan Expressway” to the “Colonel Ollie North Expressway?” And other things that had perfectly good names have changed too, like National Airport is now “Reagan-Nationa,l  “Houston Intercontinental Airport”  is “Bush” and Newark Airport is “Liberty National.”  It pisses me off so much that I still call all of them them by their old names.  To cab and car service drivers.  Who immediately “get” what I’m saying.

Anyway, George and Marla were in my dream hanging out with my ex-wife Marilyn (only in my dream she was not my “ex-wife” yet).  I can almost always trace my dreams back to things that actually occurred during the day — or day before — incidences that I blame for triggering my bizarre dreams.  So, when thinking about it, I remembered that Marla, George/Jorge’s wife, has been posting a lot of photos on FB lately of a house they are having built in the mountains of Colombia(?)  The lot they picked looks beautiful!  Best of luck to you both, and vaya con dios mi amigo y mi amiga!

Marla’s postings kind of got me thinking about what I’ll do when I’m too old too work, and where I will wind up living. The thought was probably was more active in my brain yesterday because I was moving from the town house that I’d lived in for  nearly 11 years and I’m kind of on the fence as to where I will ultimately end up… ya know, to live out my remaining years until I die.  Final resting place and all that.

Then, there was a message last night from an old Ogilvy PR buddy who’s career has been nothing short of spectacular who mentioned to me that he’s staying on at a major tech company where he’s currently Chief Marketing  Officer and Chief Communications Officer (CMO/CCO).  I think when I was falling asleep I was thinking about all the gobs of money and stock options he must have packed away over the years and how if I had not made the choice to co-found a business (RCM Broadcast) 24 years ago and stayed working agency or client-side, I would have had quite a mattress full of money of my own by now.  Or a least a bit in a bank in the Cayman Islands, or Panama.

Ahhh, but the quality of life by I have enjoyed by owning my RCM for all of these years cannot be surpassed!  But having tons of money right now wouldn’t suck either.  So, because of a “message” from an old work colleague, I dreamed that I had money; lots and lots of money.  Then I woke up and it was all gone!  The dream, the money, sleep, Central Park, everything!

A lot of my wacky, recent dreams also stem from changes I am having to make with the re-branding of RCM and other changes I may have to make as I enter a new chapter in my life.  I know I’ve mentioned in previous articles and social media posts how PR agencies have transitioned themselves into MarCom companies and now have hordes of people on staff handling all things “digital/social.”  Well, as a result, most of the PR firms that were clients of ours now have the in-house capabilities to do what we used to do for them.  Specifically, video production (albeit not as good as we do it).  That means my business partner and I have to reinvent our “old” business in several ways in order to remain relevant, in-demand and fiscally sustainable.

That means that we have to more aggressively market the things we still do for PR (sorry, I meant MarCom) agencies that they don’t yet do in-house; like satellite, radio and internet media tours, co-op satellite media tours, public service announcements, and live, remote webcasts, etc.  We also must start marketing our services directly to some end-clients, that is, small to medium sized businesses that really can’t afford to engage the services of a big agency.  If that doesn’t work, and also to hedge our bets, we will actively seek out “real” employment opportunities.  Hey, 50 is the new 30, right?

In a perfect world we would do all three of those things by continuing to partner with our big agency clients, begin offering full service marketing communications services to small and medium size businesses, and also finding gainful “employment” within the PR/MarCom sector.

The last idea is actually quite interesting and also frightening:  I just revised my resume for the first time since 1993!  So, onward and upward I say!  May the road always rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back and may all PR/MarCom people be in Heaven a half-hour before the Devil knows we’re dead!

P.S.  Resumes and references are available upon request. By the way, I’m going back to sleep now as it is 3:20 am.  I’ll be posting this on FB and other sites at 11 am, 3 pm and 8 pm today based on the following research that I cut and pasted:  “Here are some of the big takeaways: The three biggest usage spikes tend to occur on weekdays at 11:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. ET. The biggest spike occurs at 3:00 p.m. ET on weekdays. Weekday usage is pretty steady, however Wednesday at 3:00 pm ET is consistently the busiest period”